Who we are

Vita Health Solutions was launched in early 2022 to provide California’s communities with fast, safe and effective Telehealth services. Vita Health Solutions was founded on a simple, yet revolutionary idea: that everyone should have access to the best healthcare, anywhere, anytime. We first originated from Home Healthcare which has expert experience in healthcare and serving the community for more than 20 years.

With the expert experience, Vita Health Solutions was created to provide everyone a equal opportunity to receive trust and power to improve health for all. In addition to Telehealth, we also offers mobile and in-house IV vitamin treatments that are specially formulated to aid in improving health for individuals. With the start of these two services, we are planning to expand our service to weight management, mental and behavior health, men’s health and women’s health.


To provide the community with convenient, high-quality medical care at an affordable self-pay prices without insurance. Empowering all people 
everywhere to live their healthiest lives by transforming the healthcare experience.


To be the first choice for client’s healthcare journey and be the first step in enhancing their lives. We thrive to provide personalized consumer experience and technologies to connect to patientsand extend the reach of care providers. Enhancing consumer’s health decisions and outcomes with the use of our highest standard of clinical quality.

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