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Our company partners with a leading healthcare company to provide the highest quality healthcare services.

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TELE365 virtual care makes your life easier.


How much do Tele365 services cost?

The cost of a Tele365 visit varies, depending on the type of care you are requesting and your health plan design. General  visits can be as low as $20 per visit without insurance. Please set up your account, refer to your welcome letter, or check with your benefits manager to see which services are available to you and how much they cost.

Prices vary if you access Tele365 outside of your benefits plan. General Medical visits are $75 per visit. 

Will my information be kept private?

Tele365 registration and services are HIPAA compliant. We follow strict patient and provider confidentiality agreements to keep your personal information safe. All connections are secure. Your visit is never recorded: neither audio nor video. Review our Terms of use and privacy policy for more information.

Can Tele365 share results of a visit with my primary care physician?

Yes. With your consent, we can share any of your Teladoc visit results with your primary care physician, instantly.

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