Telehealth that offers the best medical services at a reasonable price

Basic Plan

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$ 65
per doctor consultation
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Get Prescription
  • GoodRX Coupon
  • List Item
  • List Item

Membership plan

Best Telehealth Plan
$ 359
  • Connect with doctor fast
  • Telehealth and Prescription: 1 time per month
  • 1:1 Care coordinator support
  • Up to 80% discount on prescribed medication
  • All blood test discount up to 20%

Exceptional care close to you

With the expert experience, Vita Health Solutions was created to provide everyone a equal opportunity to receive trust and power to improve health for all.

Experience The Best Telehealth

Tele 365 is the global leader in whole-person virtual care—offering the technology to connect, expertise you can trust and the power to improve health for all

How often can i message my care team?

As often as you would like! Tele 365 enables you to reach out to your Care Team with no limits or additional fees. You are your Care Team’s highest priority and can expect to receive a response within 8 business hours or less.

Who can use Tele 365?

Eligible adults—ages 18 years and older—can use Tele 365. Tele 365 is ideal for those who don’t currently have a primary care provider or who see their primary care provider less often than they should.

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